Fall 2010 Town Hall: DUSP 2020


6:00 PM: Dinner
6:20 PM: DSC Welcome
6:30 PM: DUSP 20/20 Investigates
6:40 PM: DUSP History Presentation
6:50 PM: BREAK-OUT GROUPS: What should the future of DUSP look like?
All participants will relocate to their respective table assignments. Each small group will then
discuss – and envision – the following:
a. What global and domestic issues will DUSP be tackling?
b. What strengths and values will define DUSP?
c. What careers will DUSP grads be entering?
7:10 PM: NODES: What can we do now to help realize our visions for the future?
Participants can circulate freely between nine nodes, where discussions about the following
questions will be facilitated.
a. Curriculum: What and how should we be learning?
b. Community: How can we learn from and grow our diversity?
c. Careers: What immediate steps can be taken to further institutionalize professional
development at DUSP?
7:25 PM: Announcement of T-Shirt Design Contest Winner & DSC/Department Closing Remarks

Presentation Materials

- The DUSP census presentation that was shown at the start of town hall
- The slides on DUSP history
- The 75th Anniversary book written by Larry Vale we used

DUSP 2020: Special Report