Who We Are

The DSC’s primary purpose is to work towards enhancing the quality of student life in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP). The DSC facilitates communication between students, faculty, and staff, organizes student events, and also serves as a liaison between DUSP and other entities (such as the Department of Architecture or the Harvard Graduate School of Design). The organization also gives students a strong voice in shaping the academic and social life and culture of the department.

The DSC board is composed of eight to ten members: two co-chairs; three at-large members; and representatives of the first-year class, PhD students, and DUSP undergraduates. With the exception of the MCP1 representatives, members are elected at the beginning of the spring term; two MCP1 representatives are elected each September.

The Current DSC Board

Fall 2013:

Juhee Bae / Undergrad/Co-chair
Andrew Cook / MCP1
Laurel Donaldson
/ MCP1/Co-chair
(Melanie)Bin Jung / MCP1
Clara Suh / MCP1
Casey Stein
Jingsi Xu / PhD