Groups & Initiatives

Elected Committees & Councils

The following organizations elect members through the DUSP fall election process. If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact those listed below.

DUSP Student Council
Contact: Stephen Kennedy /

Communications Committee
Contact: Danny Yadegar /

Undergrad Committee
Contact: Najah Shakir /

MCP Committee
Contact: Patrico Zambrano /

PhD Committee

Minority Student Recruitment Committee
Contact: Farzana Serang /

MIT Graduate Student Council
Contact: Ellen Ward /

Student Groups & Initiatives

To learn how to get involved in the following student organizations, email the respective contacts below and/or attend the first meeting. To be clear, these organizations are not part of the DUSP fall election process.

Queers in the Built Environment (QuBE)
Contact: Matt Weinstien / or Danny Yadegar /

Students of Color Committee (SCC)
Contact: Elaine Braithwaite /

DUSP Women
Contact: Mia White /

Resources for Easing Friction and Stress (REFS)
Contact: Justin Bates /

Urban Africa Working Group
Contact: Benjamin Bradlow /

DUSP Athletics

Get physical!

Contact: Vig Krishnamurthy /

Contact: Elijah Hutchinson /