Take an Alum to Lunch

DSC offers funding for students to network with program alums.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find alum: Log in to the Infinite Connection directory (https://alum.mit.edu/) and find an SA+P alum in the area (or further, though in NYC your $20 won’t go as far).
2. Send email to Mary Jane (daly@mit.edu): She may be able to tell you a little more about the person, help you track them down, and give you some suggestions about what to cover when you meet.
3. Schedule & go out to lunch: Eat. Talk.
4. Get reimbursed: Email DSC within 2 weeks of the lunch with the name of the person you met with, any updates they have, and any wisdom gleaned including classes, qualities, or experiences that they think have been most important to their success (we’ll compile the info and share). Give your receipt to any DSC member, and DSC will reimburse you for up to $20. Limit only one lunch per semester.
5. Send a thank you note to your lunch date. (We know you’re a grown-up and know these things, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you.)

See a handy PDF flyer.