Take a Professor to Dinner

The DSC is pleased to offer a fantastic new program, called “Take Your Professor to Dinner.” You can ask a professor to join you for a meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or otherwise. Groups of up to five students will be able to dine with one faculty member, and the Department will reimburse the coordinating student for up to $20 per diner (including the professor). Each student is allowed to particpate once per semester.

To participate, pick up a form from Janine in 7-337. Further instructions are on the form. Also see the fabulous pink fish posters pasted around the department!


Could I use the Take Your Professor to Dinner reimbursement to buy coffee and breakfast foods for my thesis defense?
The goal of taking a professor to dinner is for a few students to get some time to know a professor in a more relaxed setting. It’s not for a few professors to get to know one student.