Spring 2011 Town Hall: Interrelated

in·ter·re·late / intərəˈlāt / verb: relate or connect to one another. “how students and faculty interrelate to one another.” Also applies to program groups, degree programs, staff, MIT, and the broader planning community. Topics include the governance of DUSP, opportunities for collaboration, and the relationships that you would like to create or strengthen for your education and your career.

Who: All of us!
What: An open forum for all members of the DUSP Community
When: Thursday, April 21 6:30 – 8:00 PM
Where: R&D Pub Common, Stata Center, 4th floor mezzanine

DUSP Personality Index

As part of the spring Town Hall conversation about how students and faculty interrelate, we did a little study using a Myers-Briggs survey of DUSP. The results are documented below in a series of infographics…